The $5 Dollar Menu for July 26-28

Back by popular demand, here is our $5 Dollar Menu for this weekend! Available at participating vendors only. While supplies last. See you soon and come fat, leave fatter!

Auntie Viv’s Shave Ice: Small Cup of Auntie Viv's Furikake Snack Mix

Bun Bao: Captain America Taro Bao, Batman Cream Custard Bao, Spiderman Red Bean Bao

Chimeow: Shrimp Spring Rolls

Cross Hatch Eatery: Spicy BBQ Chicken Bao Bun

Hamimo Small Things: Buttons, stickers and postcards - 3 for $5

Happy Lemon: Green Tea w/ Salted Cheese, Milk Tea w/ Salted Cheese, Mango Boba Green Tea, Passion Fruit Green Tea w/ Lychee Jelly, Classic Milk Tea

Ice Cream Garden: Tomato Basil Bisque

Ice3 Creamery: Fried Oreos, Hong Kong Bubble Waffles, Hot Cheeto Cheese Fries, Mac and Cheese Fries

iLava Hawaiian Barbecue: Flavored Chicken Skin (Cheddar Cheese, Sour Cream or Barbecue)

Jorge’s Kettle Corn: Corn roaster in the stick, corn on the cup, sweet potato,

Junk Mail Musubi: Original Musubi, Deep Fried Musubi, Lumpia Musubi

Koolfi Creamery: Single scoop of Mango Lassi, Cardamom, Fresh Strawberry Chocolate or Dairy - Free Dark Chocolate ice cream

Kurotaka Ramen: Chicken Karaage (Deep Fried Chicken)

Liang's Village Cupertino: Stewed Pig Ears, Fresh Watermelon Juice $4.50, Seaweed Salad $4.50

Macarons By Natalie: Regular macarons $3, Buy 4 characters for $20 ($5 each)

Reel Poké Cove: Poké Cone

Rice Rice Baby: Peel Slim Shady (Banana sticky rice) $4

Rockin Gyoza: Tempura Ice Cream

Sacramento Pop-Up Truck: Chicken Potstickers

Sakura Hibachi Catering: Grilled Garlic Edamame, Garlic Fried Rice, Grilled Vegetables

San Diego Scratch BBQ: Smoked Chicken Leg Quarter

SpooksieBoo: Art prints $5, Buy 2 get 1 free. 2 stickers for $5

Tamago Sando: Original Okinawa Tamago Spam sando(sandwich)

Yolanda’s Tamales: Tamales

Yummi BBQ : Lemongrass Beef Slider, Pork Lumpia, Veggie Eggrolls

Holly Nguyen