Why You Need to Go to NorCal Night Market

Good food and company is coming your way!

Photo by Brian Fung

Photo by Brian Fung

The team behind the 626 Night Market and the OC Night Market announced the dates and location of their new NorCal Night Market. And as a "food-lover" who's been to both events in the past, I can say this is a big deal for everyone.

Back home, the 626 Night Market regularly draws in about 80,000 attendees of all ages and 200+ vendors per year. Guests eat, drink, and laugh while they treat themselves to live entertainment, an impressive art-walk, and exclusive vendor merchandise. It’s awesome. Although it's inspired by the outdoor markets in Asia, the venue has always welcomed a diverse range of vendors to satisfy any palette.

While it’s most known for its aesthetically pleasing foods like artisanal chorizo tacos, traditionally cooked Lao beef jerky, and freshly-made milkshakes topped with color-popping scoops of ice cream, the true allure of the 626 Night Market is not the food, but its ability to foster and build a community.

Though there are many food events in the Bay Area but there isn’t one to bring them all together. Food culture changes drastically in each city. It's doesn't take much to see that Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco, and Daly City, just to name a few, all have vastly different specialties when it comes to food, culture, and food culture. NorCal Night Market is the perfect way to unite those different food cultures. No other venue, or name, is strong enough to draw vendors from all over the region to partake in their event.

Just imagine:

Two weekends of the best vendors Northern California can offer. Indulge in exotic foods and drinks – fresh fruit sorbets, hot coffee and tea, and fresh garlic seafood. Let your senses take hold as you come face-to-face with some of the Bay Area’s finest performers and musical talents. It’s a night exploring the merchandise and goods of the region’s own entrepreneurs and merchandise vendors. Everyone is having a good time, laughing, drinking, and smiling.

NorCal Night Market will be a platform to showcase all community talent, businesses, entrepreneurs. Vendor sign ups just opened, and if you sincerely want a taste of the best Northern California has to offer, I suggest checking it out when it arrives!

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NorCal Night Market is set to open its doors July 27-29 and September 21-23! For information, check out the Facebook event page!

If you're a vendor looking to sign up, check out the link here!